Another truck load!

Oops, looks like I’m already repeating old mistakes. I found enough inventory for 2 or 3 small store fronts. Typical….

Now the mission…sell it as fast as possible and do it again, hopefully upgrading the quality of inventory and decrease the size of the objects.

It’s odd the things you can come across when you start talking to people from a Nitro Air boat to a small room full of random wicker baskets that probably took more time and skill to make than it did to click all the right buttons on a computer to order all of the items to put together that 1/10 scale airboat that is a marvel in what it can do and how it gets done…it just reinforces the idea of how quickly the human mind evolves from something as simple a basket which allows us to carry more food, supplies, children into a toy that has no real purpose other than entertainment……

Looking forward to getting organized!

Published by Timeless

Everyday you walk this earth try to find something that makes you question the day before. Then find that someone to share it with. Now enjoy the Love that is all around us, that's trying to find you!

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