What would you dream

What if every night you could tap into your dreams like a program? Would it still be a dream? We are told that dreams allow us to work though our subconscious thoughts that we sometimes struggle with….I know that if that’s the case then I’m more Fucked up than I ever could of imaged….at the same time I have had some amazing dreams that feel more real than I’ve ever felt day to day along side my fellow man. Confusion, fear, trust, good times, bad times and just out wildness….where do your dreams take you? Are they in the present or the past? Or are they timeless, a place that’s neither here nor there…maybe it’s all the same in the end and we’re just on repeat?

Published by Timeless

Everyday you walk this earth try to find something that makes you question the day before. Then find that someone to share it with. Now enjoy the Love that is all around us, that's trying to find you!

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