Never going back again

Life deserve a great sound track, just like your favorite movie…. music to me is the best therapy, it allows you to connect with someone’s deepest most impactful moments of there life without ever knowing anything about who, what, when, where the event happen… instead a picture is painted through rhythmic patterns and words woven into something that can make you move, laugh, get pissed off, cry and if your lucky goose bumps….no matter what you feel while listening, afterwards your left in a state of mind that you are not alone….take some time to listen to some of your favorite songs but only the instrumental and see if anything changes….for me it seems more powerful at times….

Published by Timeless

Everyday you walk this earth try to find something that makes you question the day before. Then find that someone to share it with. Now enjoy the Love that is all around us, that's trying to find you!

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