Are you not Entertained?

Here’s to all of us that feel like we are just putting on a show! We are the slave’s to show and to the crowd, hearing the roar when we parish or after we put the final death blow into or combatant, most of the time it’s just the daily grind that we put the sword through and then get some rest just to do it again and again on repeat… sometimes we are defeated by our own doing, for me that is the most painful part of the process.

Learning how to brake the chains that hold us to our Spector’s is something that has become very important to my life to the point where it’s consuming every thought and action in the day to day….what a waste…. finding that necessary time for myself to unwind and relax seems to be non existent, even inescapable.

Here’s to better days and a happy life

Published by Timeless

Everyday you walk this earth try to find something that makes you question the day before. Then find that someone to share it with. Now enjoy the Love that is all around us, that's trying to find you!

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