Somewhere between heaven and hell..

Oh Boy….It has been one year and two months and a few days since I replaced love with anger and rage, it happened with the push of a few key strokes and an attack on one of my favorite places on this earth. It’s amazing how a sanctuary can be flipped into a jail cell, even though it was not the kind with bars. Worse it was a mental cell of complete lock down, one with windows, no meals, no visits from friends or family. This cell was built one tiny brick at a time day by day, i even helped lay some of those bricks and I know I poured the foundation for it to be built. Knowing this tearing it down should of been easy but yet instead the knowledge only hindered the progress of the demolition due to how well it was built….It was one way in and no way out.

“I don’t care if it takes two years” were the words that stuck in my mind , it was just a whisper but it was clear. I use to say a man is only as good as his worse tool, but this man knows how to make his own tools and apply new techniques to put them to work. Adaption has been the most powerful weapon any man or woman has ever needed. Foolish pride and anger squash adaption and it’s wonder. One step forward and two steps back…..

Concepts of attitude by others that know best, those who have walked beforehand are shoved in one face at times like these. With a clouded judgement these are a kick in the face at times. Having to look into the eyes of the those who have chosen your path for you but do not offer truth, only deception to guide you on the path leaves this prick to only hone other skills, ones that are already very sharp due to the past. It’s time to find new tools to hone, perhaps.

Published by Timeless

Everyday you walk this earth try to find something that makes you question the day before. Then find that someone to share it with. Now enjoy the Love that is all around us, that's trying to find you!

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