What would you dream

What if every night you could tap into your dreams like a program? Would it still be a dream? We are told that dreams allow us to work though our subconscious thoughts that we sometimes struggle with….I know that if that’s the case then I’m more Fucked up than I ever could of imaged….at theContinue reading “What would you dream”

Another truck load!

Oops, looks like I’m already repeating old mistakes. I found enough inventory for 2 or 3 small store fronts. Typical…. Now the mission…sell it as fast as possible and do it again, hopefully upgrading the quality of inventory and decrease the size of the objects. It’s odd the things you can come across when youContinue reading “Another truck load!”

Always willing to learn

Have you ever lived inside a world that is upside down? Trying to find your way out of it is much more difficult than just doing a headstand. (BTW, I haven’t tried yet but now it’s on the list) When you become aware of a bad/messed up situation what do you…do you try to fightContinue reading “Always willing to learn”

Setting up….

Well it’s here! The none digital store front. It’s been too long since I’ve had the opportunity to call something mine again, a place to start and this time doing it my way from rip! Where’s Waldo?๐Ÿค” Good question! Google it..I’ll give you a hint it’s in Florida…now come find me at the market RanContinue reading “Setting up….”

Finding Space

Found a space, now just have to make it my own. Time will tell….๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰ Going to take this slowly, even though it kills me to think like that, I’ve never been one to just get my feet wet and walk in to the cold ass water. A new approach is need for this chapter ofContinue reading “Finding Space”

Turning a wrench

Just another day at the shop…. trying to collect my thoughts in-between the endless phone calls and managing the influx of constant cars and parts…the busy work is what kills any creatively that might come to mind for the future. Which is why change is needed ASAP..Found a birds nest in one of the toolContinue reading “Turning a wrench”

Working at IT….

Working on getting a plan together… I’ve been setting up at my local Farmers Market for the last few months off and on testing the waters, good traffic on the nice weather days, a bunch of great dealers all around covering all the items I normally run across with a vast database of well earnedContinue reading “Working at IT….”

Day 1

It’s time to start a log of my daily craziness and interesting finds…. A loaded down Ford Focus (like usual) full of items that need to find a new home. Today it’s vintage Volvo parts, BMW rims from the 80’s and for some reason I grabbed a bunch of factory car radios….not to mention theContinue reading “Day 1”