Loves, lies, laws

There it is, the three things on my mind at all times “these days”. These are the days that they tell you will make you become a stronger man, a better man….but what they mean is, “this is how you become a tool in the very large box of assets for their benefit” They tellContinue reading “Loves, lies, laws”

Are you not Entertained?

Here’s to all of us that feel like we are just putting on a show! We are the slave’s to show and to the crowd, hearing the roar when we parish or after we put the final death blow into or combatant, most of the time it’s just the daily grind that we put theContinue reading “Are you not Entertained?”

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Have you ever gone into a conversation knowing that you are wasting ever breathe but yet you seem so compelled to do so? While doing so what’s going through your head….what am I doing? Why do I care? Go fuck yourself!? In these times I’m positive that many of us have little blips of sureContinue reading “The good, the bad, and the ugly”