Somewhere between heaven and hell..

Oh Boy….It has been one year and two months and a few days since I replaced love with anger and rage, it happened with the push of a few key strokes and an attack on one of my favorite places on this earth. It’s amazing how a sanctuary can be flipped into a jail cell,Continue reading “Somewhere between heaven and hell..”

Are you not Entertained?

Here’s to all of us that feel like we are just putting on a show! We are the slave’s to show and to the crowd, hearing the roar when we parish or after we put the final death blow into or combatant, most of the time it’s just the daily grind that we put theContinue reading “Are you not Entertained?”

Never going back again

Life deserve a great sound track, just like your favorite movie…. music to me is the best therapy, it allows you to connect with someone’s deepest most impactful moments of there life without ever knowing anything about who, what, when, where the event happen… instead a picture is painted through rhythmic patterns and words wovenContinue reading “Never going back again”

What would you dream

What if every night you could tap into your dreams like a program? Would it still be a dream? We are told that dreams allow us to work though our subconscious thoughts that we sometimes struggle with….I know that if that’s the case then I’m more Fucked up than I ever could of imaged….at theContinue reading “What would you dream”